Tattoo is a long-surviving, well-traveled band.  It began long ago with street performance, playing to crowds on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, and on the U.C. Berkeley campus, in the late 1970’s. They also explored the club scene and festivals in the Bay Area before moving up to Oregon in 1980.  There they played in bars, taverns and festivals around the Northwest, in the process opening for the Grateful Dead, The Flying Karamazov Brothers, and Peter Rowan, before traveling up to Alaska at the suggestion of Ken Kesey.  They then moved to Ketchikan, AK and rode the Alaska Marine Highway, playing in all the towns of Southeast Alaska. In 1986 the founding members of Tattoo moved east to New Hampshire, and restocked the band with new musicians.

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Tattoo performs American Roots Music: rock’n’roll, soul, swing, cajun, and originals, with a strong connection to American musical traditions and its greatest exponents:  Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, the Beatles, Buddy Holly, the Supremes…

They choose songs from this vast reservoir and play them in their own inimitable, irresistible acoustic-jam-band-style, while you dance, or just sit back and listen.

The lineup consists of:

  • Marcel Collard—vocals, standup bass
  • Paul Day—vocals, drums
  • Fred Simmons—vocals, trombone, guitar, tambourine
  • Leslie Vogel—vocals, piano, accordion
  • Walden Whitham—vocals, saxophone, clarinet, flute, rubboard

Tattoo has learned from years of experience, on top of their native talents, the ways to get folks dancing while also giving an authentic and satisfying musical experience.  Whatever age group you may be a part of, or whatever part of the country you may come from, we are all connected to the musical traditions which began down in New Orleans, and which bring us together.  Indoors or outdoors, at festivals, private events, or on Town Commons, Tattoo transcends the boundaries of changing styles and generations, and proudly celebrates and delivers that musical message.