Folksoul Band

The Folksoul Band



Fred and Leslie

The Folksoul Duo – Ensemble

“You guys were the heroes!”

Ken Kesey, at the Field Trip in Veneta, OR, opening and
closing for the Grateful Dead in 1982


Taj Mahal (upon hearing Tattoo’s “(Ooh My Baby She’s a) Wino”, 1983)



Folksoul Music presents two bands:  The Folksoul Band, and Tattoo.

The Folksoul Band is of the most recent vintage.  It began in 2007 by playing for a great Mardi Gras party, and has continued by milking the vein that feeds New Orleans musical culture, and discovering within it our own musical roots.

Tattoo is our longest-running ensemble.  Begun all the way back in 1978 on the streets of northern California, through numerous changes of geographical location and personnel it persevered and has become a thoroughly experienced purveyor of inspired musical magic, suitable for most any occasion.

Either way you get something different from a lot of other more tech-derived musical entertainment nowadays, but also something familiar and vital.

We also offer the Folksoul Duo.  Fred Simmons and Leslie Vogel, (your hosts) have been revisiting their own many years of shared musical roots and experience, and are enjoying performing at smaller events, as well as displaying material, original and traditional, that might not see the light of day in one of the other performing groups

New Tattoo Album


Announcing Tattoo’s first new CD in ten years! Six original songs, some great Cajun tunes, plus songs by Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison. (You can hear cuts on our Recordings page)

New Family Album

CDfront_300dpiThe Gap in the Fence front cover

The Gap in the Fence is Leslie Vogel’s second solo album. Her enchanting, original songs take us on various rhythmic adventures – from an early morning gallop to picking blueberries under the sun, from a cheerful song about breakfast in the frying pan, to a lyrical ballad of a child growing up. Some songs and tunes inspire random singing and dancing in the kitchen, while the lullaby brings us full circle to a love of nature and the planet Earth on which we live.

Leslie is assisted by several excellent musicians who add their special talents to the soundscape. Each song is dedicated to a person or group in a wide embrace of her family and community.

Leslie is the founder and director of the Youth and Community Fiddle Orchestra, which has played at many local festivals and events, and brings live music to Youth Circus performances in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.